I’m Don, I live in Western Washington, USA. With the exception of a few side-quests, Western Washington has been my life-long home.

For years, I’d spend far too much money at nurseries. I could picture taking everything at the store
and giving it a good home. Surprisingly it took some years before I realized that growing and gardening was a passion of mine. I could spend all day around plants, flowers, and all manner of growing things.

While not spiritual in a broad sense, I am awed by the power of the seed, sun, and moisture. All life on
Earth is based on these three things. The Earth is a delightful place, and I believe that we should do what
we can to keep it that way and to improve it just a little bit while we’re here.

I don’t think that “life is short,” but we humans are just a cog in the works. We’re at the top of the food chain, but we should be respectful and humbled by all that’s happened before we got here.

Many people struggle with selecting plants and flowers for their garden. With Seeded Garden’s proven seeds and plant starts, you’ll turn your outdoor space into a rich, lush environment that provides a refreshing escape.

Along with their cherished three cats (the legal-limit,) I share my life with Anne. Married now for 24+ years, I’ve been given a life I can’t appreciate enough. I’ve worn many hats during my time and tried to fill many roles. I believe I’ve gotten all my adventure and hijinks out of my system, and spending time at home is what I long for.