Live Shasta Daisy Starts – Local Area Only


Shasta Daisy Starts, local sales only. You’re probably here via Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Offer Up.

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Shasta Daisy Starts – Local Sale Only

NOTE: You’re at this page to pay for live Shasta Daisy starts. As discussed, I can deliver to you within 8 miles of 98275, but I will only do it for a sale of 5 or more plants. When checking out, you will be charged a flat $2.79 for shipping, which will be refunded.

If you have any questions:

These Daisies were divided from very vigorous growing flowers in my garden. Shasta daisies benefit from being divided (in the fall or late winter) every four years or so. These starts in particular were harvested early fall 2023. They were potted with care in half-gallon containers. They were even housed in a temporary greenhouse in December and January.

Shasta daisies get to about 36″ tall, their snow white blooms sit atop sturdy green stalks. They bloom by mid Summer and make excellent cut flowers for classic bouquets. They’re also very easy to grow as well as being nearly drought-tolerant.

Shastas are notorious for not being very picky about their soil quality, either. They can spread and self-seed, and are an excellent choice to beautify an area otherwise difficult to tend.

🌱 Timeless Appeal Shasta Daisies have a timeless and versatile appeal, making them a beloved choice for gardeners of all levels.

🌼 Butterfly Attraction These daisies are a favorite among butterflies, bringing delicate and colorful visitors to your garden.

🌼 Low Maintenance Shasta Daisies are known for their ease of care, making them an excellent choice for busy gardeners.

I love Shasta Daisies. Look up the word “joy” in the dictionary, there will be an image of Shasta Daisies accompanying the text!


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Blooming Time



Tall (24"-48")

Sun Exposure

Full Sun




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