Best Soil For Seedlings

best soil for seedlings

A Comparison Test – Part 1 Ever wonder if starting seedlings really required special soil? Does a specialized type of growing medium really benefit seed starting? Is there truly a best soil for seedlings? If so, is the benefit noticeable? Is it worth spending extra for? Or, is just plain old dirt fine? Executive Summary: … Read more

Easy To Grow from Seed Flowers – Rudbeckia

rudbeckia easy to grow from seeds black eyed susans

I’ve grown many Rudbeckia (“Black Eyed Susan”) now, and I can assure you: they are strong, easy to grow from seed flowers. Summer of 2023, I’m growing nearly 2 dozen individuals, from seed I harvested last fall. They’re a classic, must-have flower that complements nearly any other flower or plant. I find that Shasta Daisies … Read more

Grow Dianthus from Seed Easily

grow dianthus from seed

Dianthus barbatus, aka Sweet William One of my new favorite flowers. They’re beautiful, they grow easily, they last a long time, and they attract pollinators. You should grow dianthus from seed so you don’t miss out on these timeless cottage-style blooms. When I scattered a few perennial wildflower packets a couple Springs ago, I had … Read more

New Seeds June 2023

new seeds june 2023

Happy Summer everyone! It’s nearing mid-June, the weather here in WW has really been terrific. Usually, June isn’t really a Summer month, we get more like a “Junuary”. The joke is that Summer doesn’t really begin until July 5th around here. Let’s talk about new seeds June 2023! Ed Hume Seeds are Great As an … Read more

How to Grow Sweet Peas

how to grow sweet peas

Are you looking for a fragrant and colorful addition to your garden this summer? Sweet peas are a classic and beloved flower that offers a delightful scent, an amazing range of colors, and are easy to grow. Sweet peas are a wonderful choice for anyone looking to brighten up their garden with vibrant blooms and a delightful aroma. … Read more

Easy Growing Seeds

easy growing from seeds

If you want to develop your Green Thumb, start with these easy growing seeds. You can be surrounded by flowers, vegetables and edibles easily and affordably . Most, if not all, of these prefer full sun exposure. More importantly, I call these “easy to grow” because they need no preparation, can be grown easily from … Read more

Growing Milkweed from Seed Easily!

grow milkweeds from seeds

Butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees love this perennial. It’s ridiculously easy to grow, needs zero maintenance, does well in crappy wet soil (clay-like) and provides verticality (height) in your garden. Also, Monarch caterpillars utilize the milkweed as their exclusive food source while in the larval stage. Monarchs not only like but require Milkweeds! Mature milkweeds bloom … Read more