From Seed to Stunning: How Mexican Sunflowers Can Transform Your Garden

mexican sunflower seed review

This is a review of Seed Needs’ Mexican Sunflowers packet seeds. If you’re like me and interested in trying new flowers and seeds, this Mexican sunflower seeds review article is for you! Verdict Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia rotundifolia) seeds from Seed Needs are a terrific addition to your garden. They grow strongly, they bloom profusely, their … Read more

Harvest and Save Seeds from Your Garden

harvest and save seeds from your garden

This comprehensive guide covers various aspects of seed saving, including the reasons to save seeds, how to identify when seeds are ready for harvest, different methods of collecting seeds, suitable storage locations, and a practical procedure for testing seed germination. I’ve found tremendous joy adding the skill of harvesting seeds to my gardening know-how. The … Read more

8 Great Mosquito Repellant Plants

plants that repel mosquitos

How many times does your plan of a relaxing, enjoyable evening on the patio get ruined by mosquitoes? Instead of lathering yourself up in chemicals, or lighting a dozen citronella candles that may or may not be effective (not to mention costly,) try planting some tried-and-true plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. When choosing plants to … Read more